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Cleaner and Primer Application Systems for the Automotive Sector

Over the years, dimaTEC, as a specialist in glass treatment, has developed a specific range for the application of Cleaner and Primer in the automotive sector.

Depending on the product characteristics, the specific application parameters and the different client requirements (autonomy, maintenance, etc.), dimaTEC has a wide range of configurations for Cleaner and Primer application.

Dosing Cabinet

The Cleaner and Primer dosing cabinet is principally composed of material (Cleaner/Primer) tank, recirculation pump (Primer only), cleaning fluid tank (generally water or solvent), dosing unit and material control valves.

Depending on the product characteristics and the specific application parameters, the dosing systems to use can be anything from nitrogen systems, diaphragm pumps, peristaltic pumps to spindle dosing units.

The recirculation system and/or the mixing system are key to the correct functioning of Primer application equipment. By means of a continuous recirculation of the product, the entry of air into the circuit is prevented and Primer crystallization is avoided, so no blockages are created in the system. In the case of water based Primer, this guarantee is better achieved via a slow speed mixing system within the Primer tank itself.

Both the recirculation of the material and carrying out the cleaning stipulated in the maintenance manual are critical for keeping the Primer application equipment in optimal conditions.

armario de dosificación para aplicación de cleaner y primer

Application System

The distinct technologies currently available for the application of Cleaner and Primer are based on spray (little used for environmental reasons), felt, foam and applicator (whether with a brush or synthetic compound). Depending on the characteristics of the product to apply, its specific application parameters and the different needs of the client, one or other application technology will be used.

Depending on the configuration chosen, there are different automatic applicator feeding systems that vary according to the degree of autonomy required.

sistema de aplicación de cleaner y primer