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PU Application and Extrusion for the Automotive Sector

dimaTEC is a specialist in the manufacture of PU application and extrusion equipment for the automotive industry. As a manufacturer, it designs and assembles its own pumping, dosing and application equipment. This permits detailed understanding concerning the operation of the PU application process as well as how to customise products where necessary.

Application Pumps

Although one of the most common configurations for PU application is a heated, double pneumatic pump for 200 L drums, the range of solutions is very wide depending on the use that you wish to give to the application equipment.

In low rate or reduced volume applications, single pumps are generally supplied.

There are also solutions to facilitate manual application, both with static pumping equipment and mobile, manual application solutions.

  • Tandem System. Hydraulic RAM Ø80
  • Simple System on Mobile Trolley. Pneumatic RAM Ø80
  • Simple System. Pneumatic RAM Ø150
  • Hobbock
Sistema tándem RAM hidráulica 80
sistema simple en carro móvil RAM neumática 80
Sistema simple RAM neumática 150

Dosing Units

The 550 cc dosing unit is usually installed in glazing cells for PU application or in extrusion cells. Its capacity is ideal for bead application for the majority of glass: windscreens, rear windows, quarters and even panoramic roofs.

The dosing control is done via a servomotor allowing for the adjustment of the application speed. The ensemble is made up of the dosing unit, heating system, pressure probe and Mesamoll unit.

For higher volume applications, a dosing unit with a capacity of 1 L can be supplied on the same base.

The 50 cc compact dosing unit (dosing unit + application head) is optimal to glue the components on the glass (brackets, sensors, plates, pins, clips, etc.), common installations for suppliers to the automobile industry (Tier 1).

  • 550 cc Volumetric dosing unit with Quick Change system.
  • 50 cc Compact Volumetric Dosing Unit
dosificador volumétrico
Dosificador volumétrico 550 cm3 con sistema de cambio rápido

Application Heads

The application head allows the correct application of the material on the glass or component to be glued using the appropriate nozzle profile. The design of the application head allows 360° rotation of the nozzle without the material supply hose also needing to rotate.

Also, the weighting system allows for the absorption of the glass tolerances and the maintenance of permanent contact between the glass and the nozzle without breaking or placing the glass under excessive stress.

The configuration of the application head allows both its mounting on 6th axis and its mounting on a static post controlled via a 7th axis external to the robot.

The extrusion head is used for the application of polyurethane on the perimeter of the glass, making a lip giving the appropriate final finish for mounting on the car body.

The configuration of this head allows for the use of two interchangeable nozzles in the event of requiring different profiles on the same glass.

The tendency in current PU application cell configurations is to use application heads installed on static posts via a 7th axis external to the robot. In this case, the robot performs the glass handling functions and moves the glass to the application tower to apply the bead to the glass. In this way the station has more flexibility and processes can be overlapped.

cabezal para aplicación y extrusionado de PU

Cleaning Stations

An essential condition for performing high quality applications is maintaining the nozzle in a perfect state. So it is necessary to clean the nozzle after each application. For this process, dimaTEC offers distinct technologies: cleaning with compressed air, paper or strap.

  • Nozzle Cleaning Station by Paper
  • Nozzle Cleaning Station by Strap
Estación de limpieza mediante papel
Estación de limpieza mediante fleje