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Automated Cells for the Automobile Sector

dimaTEC offers turnkey automated cell projects for distinct glass processing phases oriented towards OEMs and Tier 1 companies.

Our automated systems include everything from basic application systems to complete automated solutions for the glass decking to the car body, pre-mounting of components on glass, 2D and 3D quality controls as well as collaborative robotics.

In a sector in constant technological transformation such as the automobile industry, dimaTEC products have evolved in parallel with the appearance of new requirements for automobile manufacturers, as well as the necessities of specialised glass manufacturing Tier 1 companies.

We work on turnkey projects that include everything from the project design consultancy, the mechanical, electrical and software engineering, manufacture and assembly of the different components, start up, and integration in its final position.

Aplicación de PU (glazing cells)

PU Application (glazing cells)

dimaTEC offers PU application cells customised according the requirements of each client. Depending on the degree of automation requested, we can find everything from automatic pick up from a rack, glass centring by vision, PU bead quality control systems, to technology for the automatic insertion of glass in bodywork.


Células automatizadas - Extrusionado de PU para automoción

PU Extrusion

Installations for PU extrusion are made up of a robotic cell, where the primary extrusion of the bead takes place, and a secondary station where it is possible to modify the extrusion applied on corners.


Células automatizadas - Aplicación cleaner y primer para automoción

Cleaner and Primer Application

There are currently various technologies for the application of cleaner and primer on glass. Depending on the application technology and the degree of automation required, dimaTEC offers various cell configurations: from automatic pick up from the rack, glass centring by vision, primer application quality control systems, automatic feeding of cleaner and primer applicators, etc.


Células automatizadas - Premontaje de componentes en vidrios de automóvil

Pre-mounting of Components on Glass

Automatic or semi-automatic machines for pre-mounting of distinct elements on vehicle glass: brackets, clips, pins, security plates, spoilers, finishers, etc.


Células automatizadas - Robotización colaborativa

Collaborative Robotics

Integration and programming of solutions that integrate collaborative robots. Solutions designed to overlap the operation of the robot and the operative in a cooperative manner and thus increase productivity.