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Automated Cells for Cleaner and Primer Application in the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, the Cleaner and Primer application process is an essential process prior to PU application on the glass. For this reason, dimaTEC has developed a flexible and reliable range of Cleaner and Primer Application Equipment aimed both at vehicle (OEM) and glass (Tier 1) manufacturers.

Design and Configuration of Automated Cells for Cleaner and Primer Application

Automated cells for Cleaner and Primer application are conceptually different depending on whether they are destined for OEMs or Tier 1 companies.

While OEMs work on sets of windows corresponding to each vehicle on the assembly line (for example a set made up of windscreen, rear and quarter windows), Tier 1 companies work on large batches of the same model (for example just the quarter windows of a specific model).

For this reason, the focus for the design of the cells will always vary, taking into account such things as the cycle time, physical space available and the degree of automation required.

Células automatizadas para la aplicación de cleaner y primer en automoción

Main processes to perform in the installation

  • Glass loading: automatic pick up from rack, rotating tables, tilting systems, buffer, etc.
  • Centring: mechanical centring, gravity centring, vision centring, etc.
  • Cleaner and Primer Application: via an application head built into a robot or installed on an external post. Read more
  • Curing or Drying (buffer): transporter, stocker with positions, etc.

In addition to the above, there are a series of supplementary elements that facilitate the processes that take place in the robotic cell: mechanised racks for assorted glass (for example for windscreen/rear window sets or for sequenced windscreens), on-going glass identification, primer application control, applicator presence control, drying ovens, reject station, etc.

Células automatizadas para la aplicación de cleaner y primer dimaTEC