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PU Application Cells for the Automotive Industry

PU application cells, commonly called glazing cells, facilitate the windscreen, rear window, quarter window and panoramic roof mounting process on the bodywork.

dimaTEC PU application equipment, with its solidity, reliability and precision, is a key element in obtaining the quality parameters demanded in this process.

Design and Configuration of Automated Cells for PU Application

Each vehicle manufacturer has its own requirements, so every project is unique.

The design phase of the robotic cell will be adapted to each client, taking into account such things as the cycle time, physical space available and the degree of automation required.

Células de aplicación de PU

Main processes to perform in the installation

  • Glass loading: automatic pick up from rack, rotating tables, tilting systems, buffer, etc.
  • Centring: mechanical centring, gravity centring, vision centring, etc.
  • PU Application: via an application head built into a robot or installed on an external post. Read more
  • Glass Decking: manually by using a handler or automatically with a robot and a vision system (static or dynamic).

In addition to the above, there are a series of additional elements that facilitate the processes that take place in the robotic cell: on-going glass identification, location of pins in glass, control of the relative position and shape of the PU bead, PU pressure control, nozzle cleaning station, glass rejection station, tape gluing system, Post Insertion Check (PIC), etc.

Células de aplicación de PU robotizadas