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PU Extrusion Cells for the Automobile Sector

PU extrusion cells, destined for Tier 1 companies, facilitate the PU extrusion application on the glass. The installations are usually made up of a main cell, where the PU bead is extruded onto the glass, and of an adjacent facility that allows for the necessary modification of the corners of the glass so as to obtain the desired effect.

dimaTEC PU extrusion equipment, with its solidity, reliability and precision, is a key element in obtaining the quality parameters demanded in this process.

Design and Configuration of Automated Cells for PU Extrusion

Although the main cell for PU extrusion can have distinct configurations, it is generally made up of a rotating loading table and a robot with an extrusion application head built into its 6th axis.

The adjacent facility where the corners are modified, via the exchange of moulds or wedges, allows PU extrusion on various types of glass. In this way it is possible to apply glass of various dimensions and curvatures.

Células de extrusionado de PU