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Automated Cells with Collaborative Robotics

The emergence of the collaborative robot has opened a new door for the interaction between robots and humans, aimed at optimising production processes. By eliminating the physical barriers between the operation of the robot and the operative, and managing to overlap processes, important reductions in cycle time have been achieved.

At dimaTEC we have extensive experience in the integration of collaborative robots into our cells.

dimaTEC Collaborative Robots

Currently, all the main robot brands have launched their collaborative robot proposals on the market. Since there is still no consensus on the characteristics of the integration of collaborative processes, we see very different focuses from each manufacturer: from the KUKA Iiwa robot defined as “sensitive” (up to 14 Kg load and 800 mm reach), to the Universal Robot UR10 (up to 10 Kg load and 1,300 mm reach) or the Fanuc CR-35iA (up to 35 Kg load and 1,800 mm reach).

Células automatizadas con robotización colaborativa dimaTEC